About us

We offer an extensive range of catering options for any occasion, which is guaranteed all halal.


We provide catering from finger buffets to silver service evening meals across yorkshire. Our delicious dishes have graced wedding banquets, birthday parties and business events. Prepared to the highest standards, delivered and laid out beautifully or even accompanied by experienced waiting staff, we cater to any occasion with one unique twist - all our food is guaranteed halal.


At Bradford Catering we prepare any kind of food you ask for, from freshly prepared sandwiches to full roast dinners. This means that any Muslim guests or clients you may have can enjoy everything on offer, rather than having to settle for a single vegetarian option!


You can find full details of our catering services and dishes across the pages of this website. We also welcome enquiries at any time, experienced members of the team are always on hand to answer questions; contact us at Bradford Catering today to start putting together your delicious menu.


We Cater For Small Parties And Large Events, Including:

Weddings, Confrences, Parties, Mehndis, Yarmee, Khatams, etc...


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